Skeleton Coast

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A genuine frontier destination, the Skeleton Coast separating mainland Namibia from the Atlantic offers some of Africa’s most remote, unspoiled areas. The Skeleton Coast National Park stretches from north-western Namibia up to the border with Angola, and it is here that the most intrepid itineraries focus their activities. In truth though, the whole coastline from top to bottom boasts pockets of stark, awe inspiring scenery where the desert meets the ocean. The coast was so named due to the high number of shipwrecks over the years on this wild stretch of the Atlantic, and it‘s still possible to visit some of the wrecks. Itineraries to this isolated, utterly unique geographical wonderland should last for at least three nights, and other experiences can include dune driving, guided walks, searches for desert adapted wildlife and encounters with the nomadic Himba people.

The Skeleton Coast National Park itself is so remote and difficult to navigate that it is not possible to self-drive alone, and if you are unable to resist the pull of driving in this area then it must be done in convoy with 4×4 vehicles and experienced drivers who know the area well. Even then, there are extreme challenges ahead, so we would recommend the two other major ways to explore the area. One is an exclusive fly-in safari, where you travel in small groups of no more than four guests and a pilot / guide per light aircraft, hopping between camps in different areas along the coast. For this itinerary, the aircraft is generally your game drive and transfer vehicle combined. The other option is to fly into a remote, permanent lodge in the far northern Kunene region, where the Himba experiences are authentic and the landscapes incredible. Neither of these experiences are cheap but they are a captivating, unforgettable mixture of the elements that make Namibia special.

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